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Wines to serve with Thanksgiving dinner

The Turkey is bought, the sides are chosen, the pie choices have been selected and so you think your menu is complete.  Ah but it is not, what about the wine?  Thanksgiving menus have a lot going on with food choices and flavors, which mean pairing wine is a bit more complicated than that of an everyday meal.  Thanksgiving menus usually include turkey and ham, green bean and corn casseroles, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce and much more. Turkey is actually quite wine friendly and pairs well with many white and red wines, the problem is all the side dishes which have a touch of sweetness to them.  Super-dry wines can die in the presence of all that fruit, sugar, and salt , white wines with a little residual sugar can be your friend as are fruity red wines. 

Below are a few great wines to pair with Thanksgiving dinner

Riesling:  A white wine that may either be dry or fairly sweet, excellent with any dishes that are spicy, salty or sweet.  Riesling wines are a top pick white wine for pairing with Thanksgiving dinner. Riesling’s innate flavors of apple, apricot, honey and its clarifying acidity give it a significant pairing edge with the likes of sweet potatoes, turkey meat and spice-laden or herb-filled stuffing.  

NXNW Riesling: $13.95  WC Price $12.55     For a Song Riesling: $13.95 WC Price $12.55  

Gewurztraminer: This white wine tends to have the aromatic gusto and spicy palate appeal that give it a solid standing with turkey and gravy, bringing out the best in both. Gewurztraminer offers a delicious white wine option for Thanksgiving Day.

Villa Wolfe Gewürztraminer: $15.95   WC Price $14.35

Sauvignon Blanc: This crisp white wine is known for its citrus-based flavors that can be surrounded by herb or mineral undertones, making it a prime pairing candidate for turkey and mashed potatoes.

Twomey:$24.95     WC Price $22.45    Pedrocelli:$15.50   WC Price $13.95 

Pinot Grigio/Gris: Capable of handling garlic and onions, herbs and rich, flavorful, high-fat dishes, this white wine is a natural for the demands of Thanksgiving Day.

Villa Wolfe Pinot Gris:$15.50 WC Price$13.95   Sassi Pinot Grigio:$13.95 WC Price$12.56 

Rosé:  Rosé’s provide a capable go between for those that are not firmly camped in either the red or white wine trenches.  Rosé wines are the most versatile for pairing with virtually any part of the Thanksgiving feast.

La Veilla Ferme Ventox Rose: $11.95  WC $10.75   Julia’s Dazzle: $21.75  WC Price$19.57

Pinot Noir: This red wine is a traditional favorite for Thanksgiving. Pinot Noir’s subtle earthy undertones and often mushroom inspired flavors surround the fruit features of the wine and tend to show well with the traditional flavors of turkey and stuffing.

Underwood Pinot Noir: $15.95   WC Price $14.35    Cherry Tart: $21.95   WC Price $19.75 

Grenache based blends:  Fruity and lighter in tannins, Grenache and Grenache-based wines like a Cotes du Rhone are wonderful with turkey. 

Morgan GSM:$16.95  WC Price $15.25      Saint Cosme:$16.95   WC Price $15.25

Zinfandel: A fuller bodied red wine that ups the intensity from a Pinot Noir, but still maintains a balancing effect on many traditional Thanksgiving side dishes. This would be a great wine pick for those looking for a heartier red wine with the capacity to accommodate spice, bitter and sweet flavor profiles.

La Storia Zinfandel: $28.95  WC Price $26.05       Ca'Momi:  $17.75     WC Price: $15.97      

Good Friends. Good Times. Good Wine.