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Whether you are just starting to "get into wine" and wanting to explore, or an avid wine drinker, we offer wines by the glass or bottle.  Bottles can be purchased to take home and we offer a selection of 16 wines and over 25 beers by the glass to be enjoyed in a comfortable, unique atmosphere.  

Syrah vs Shriaz

Syrah and Shiraz, what’s the difference?  They’re exactly the same grape varietal. The only difference is that it is called Shiraz when it’s grown in Australia. It’s called Syrah pretty much everywhere else.

As legend goes, Syrah was grown 7,000 years in the Persian city of Shiraz, which was known as the land of wine, flowers and poetry. The vines then found their way to the Rhone Valley in France about 2,000 years ago, where it was called Syrah. The dense, inky fruit then traveled to Australia in the late 1800s, where it was called Shiraz.  The most likely reason for the dual-named grape is the translation of the word from one language to another.

However, there is a bit of a difference in taste between the two.  Try doing a side-by-side taste comparison of a Syrah from the Northern Rhone and a Shiraz from Australia. The French Syrah tends to be herbaceous and gamey the Australian Shriaz tends on the side of fruity and spicy.  This is where that French word terroir comes into play. The moderate climate in the Rhone Valley produces a much different wine than the hot sunshine in Australia.

Which is better? Nobody wins, and nobody loses – both styles of wine are excellent, which one you like is a matter of your personal taste. 

Good Friends. Good Times. Good Wine.