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Whether you are just starting to "get into wine" and wanting to explore, or an avid wine drinker, we offer wines by the glass or bottle.  Bottles can be purchased to take home and we offer a selection of 16 wines and over 25 beers by the glass to be enjoyed in a comfortable, unique atmosphere.  

Traditional Easter dinners tend to center around ham which brings us to "Which wine goes best with ham?"

Ham is often prepared with glazes or toppings that are sweet and can balance the inherent saltiness of the actual meat. Well paired wines can accomplish the same objective. For ham, the best "tried and true" companion wine is a Riesling.  These wines tend to offer fresh, flavorful taste profiles with enough sweet fruit to balance the salt in the ham and enough acidity to support the combination without compromising the flavor in either the ham or the wine. There are plenty of easy to find Rieslings, that offer good value and high quality - perfect for experimenting with this Easter.  Rieslings tend to be a crowd-pleasing white wine that has the versatility to handle a wide variety of palates. An un-oaked or lightly oaked Chardonnay or a Rose would also handle ham well if you like your wines a bit on the drier side.

If red wine isyour first choice, then aPinor Noir or a Zinfandel is a perfect pick.  A fruit forward Pinot Noir has vibrant fruit profiles which will combine well with the sweetness of the ham while the spiciness and smokiness that lingers after each sip will match nicely with the meat.  With Zinfandel, the higher alcohol content and fruit forward approach can handle the ham's sweeter side. 

At Vino Mas we carry many styles of wine that will pair perfectly with your Easter dinner.  Come in and see us for recommendations. 

Good Friends. Good Times. Good Wine.