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Whether you are just starting to "get into wine" and wanting to explore, or an avid wine drinker, we offer wines by the glass or bottle.  Bottles can be purchased to take home and we offer a selection of 16 wines and over 25 beers by the glass to be enjoyed in a comfortable, unique atmosphere.  

National Wine Day!

Happy National Wine Day!

To start, in my opinion, I feel that every day is Wine Day!  However, this year we celebrate National Wine Day Saturday May 25th.   So, what does National Wine Day mean?  This is a day to celebrate wine, appreciate wine and its history.  After all, wine has been around for over 8,000 years and the bible states that after the flood, Noah is said to have cultivated a vineyard and made wine as soon as the waters receded.  Wine has been a part of civilization almost since the beginning of time. 

This first winery that was discovered was found in 4300 BC in the Areni cave in Vayouts Dzor in Armenia. How appropriate that I love wine, I am Armenian, it is in my blood!  Archaeologists called it a winery because they discovered not only cups and jars for holding wine, but other equipment such as wine presses and fermentation vats that were used in the production of wine. Also found were the seeds and vines of Vitis Vinifera located on site. Vitis Vinifera is the main species of vine that most of the wines that we drink originate from.   

However, after discovering this site, archaeologists believe that wine making probably went back even further than 6,000. In fact, they believe that since the early Armenians had such a grasp of the technology of wine making, then it must go back even further.  This was confirmed when an 8,000-year-old wine was found in the Caucasus region of Eurasia – in what is now the country of Georgia.

Some fun facts about wine:

·         Wine is made in virtually every country in the world

·         Wine is made in every state in the United States

·         10,000 varieties of grapes exist world wide

·         Wine is made with grapes, but it is NOT made with the typical table grapes you would find at the grocery store.

·         You have to press 600 to 800 grapes to get one bottle of wine - anywhere from three to 10 clusters of grapes, depending on the grapes

·         Most European wines are named after their geographic locations while non-European wines are named after different grape varieties

·         The “Cheers” ritual started back in the Middle Ages, when poisoning was a favorite way to get rid of an enemy. To be sure their glass was poison-free, drinkers would first pour a bit of wine into each other’s glass, so if there was poison in one, it was now in both

Raise your Glass and Celebrate National Wine Day… CHEERS!!!

Good Friends. Good Times. Good Wine.