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Whether you are just starting to "get into wine" and wanting to explore, or an avid wine drinker, we offer wines by the glass or bottle.  Bottles can be purchased to take home and we offer a selection of 16 wines and over 25 beers by the glass to be enjoyed in a comfortable, unique atmosphere.  

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Wine in a Can?

New to Vino Mas is Union Wine Company wines in cans.  Yes, I did say cans.  Union is now canning a few of their varietals; we are carrying the Pinot Noir and the Rose.  Based on Union’s philosophy of “making great craft wine minus all the fuss”, this unconventional packaging makes taking wine on the go convenient. 

The questions that we have been getting at the store are the same that Union has been getting from customers, below are some answers to a few of those questions:

How many “glasses” of wine are in a single Underwood Pinot Noir or Rose in a Can?    Roughly two. It’s a half bottle’s worth. Enough to share… or not.

Is the Underwood Pinot in a Can the same wine found in the bottles? Yes, it is exactly the same.  I was skeptical, but when the wine was poured from the bottle and the can and tasted side by side, they were identical.  It is the same juice that is in the bottles. 
Does the aluminum can affect the taste or consistency of the wine? Not at all.  There is a special liner in the can that prevents the aluminum from contacting the wine.  The cans are specially made for Union in the UK and have a bit of nitrogen in the can to keep the wine fresh. 

Now when you are going to the pool, the lake, boating, vacation, outdoor concerts, etc….there is an alternate beverage that you can take with you other than beer that is canned and ready to drink.  I do recommend that you pour the wine from the can into some sort of cup, this way you can still swirl and get the aromas of the wine, which enhance the taste.  However, if you want to just “toss it back” and drink out of the can, go ahead.  The Pinot Noir can be drank a bit chilled and has the typical flavors of Oregon Pinot of cherry, raspberry and spice;  the Rose should be drank chilled and has delicious flavors of strawberry, watermelon, and peach.  

As Union Wine Company puts it:  It’s hard to keep your pinky up when you’re drinking wine from a 375 ml can. These are the most approachable and ready-to-travel anywhere wines we produce. Whether you’re sitting in a hot tub after a good day of work or heading where other wines dare not travel, we have you covered without sacrificing the craft taste Union is known for.

Good Friends. Good Times. Good Wine.