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February 1, 2023
Pavette wines from California - Vino Mas February 2023 Wine Club


January 4, 2023
 Bagueri Wines from Slovenia!


November 30, 2022
 Wines from Twenty Rows and Acumen!


November 1, 2022
This month we are highlighting wines from Henry Winery in Napa Valley, California.  In the months of November and December I do not pair the wines with dishes.  Thanksgiving is this month and all three of these wines will pair well with your Holiday Dinner.   


October 26, 2022
Trick or Treat....Give me something good to DRINK!   Every store you walk into right now has Halloween candy everywhere.  With Halloween just around the corner and candy and wine in most of our houses, any excuse to dig into that candy and bottle of wine for "educational" purposes, is welcome.  Wine classes up everything, including candy.  If so, what candy and what wines go well with each other.  Surprisingly, Halloween candy can (and should!) be paired with wine. Below are some suggestions. 


October 6, 2022
Wines from Barossa, Australia: Elderton wines


August 31, 2022
 Wines from Bindi Sergardi: Bindi Sangiovese Blend, Bindo White Blend and Bindi Sergardi Chianti Collie Senesi DOCG  


August 1, 2022
 This month we are drinking the wines of Spain.  The main wine is a Garnacha and the white is a Garnacha Bianca.  Garnacha is the same grape as Grenache, it is just called Garnacha in Spain.  The red Compliment wine is a Tempranillo, which is the "king" red variety in Spain.  All three of these wines are lighter and fruity, which pairs well with Summer and hot weather.  


July 14, 2022
 Happy National Mac n Cheese Day!  We know wine and cheese go great together, so why not pasta with cheese sauce?  Celebrate the day today with a nice dish of Mac n Cheese anyway you like it prepared and a bottle of wine.  


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